This is the sun setting over the River Mersey, not far from our house on Friday night just gone. My summer holiday is over as of today, back to work today after several weeks off. Luckily I alwasy have music to dull the pain(at least during the commute). This is a late slice of summer from Hollie Cook, a cover of Shanks and Bigfoot’s 1999 UK garage chart topper Sweet Like Chocolate. Hollie and her band turn it into a deliciously laid back piece of lovers rock

Hollie Cook is 29. If you are in your twenties a song from 1999 is a song from your childhood. Time’s big wheel keeps on turning.

In proper reggae style the B-side is a dub version, Dub Like Chocolate. It is a well dubbed out affair, reverb and echo ahoy and a rocking rhythm.