I Got Some John Coltrane On The Stereo Baby, Make It Feel Alright

In which our guide and house dj Mr Weatherall plays some songs in a field at a festival somewhere outside Milan last summer. Over the course of this 50 minute film he makes it all look very effortless indeed and makes spinning a nine minute mid-80s psyche-rock epic from The Dream Syndicate followed by Moon Duo and then AMOR look like the best way, in fact the only way, to move a crowd of youthful and well-lit Italians. Avanti!


I was over in Liverpool last week, at the Tate Gallery. There’s a show on currently curated by Ken Simons, the art handling manager at Tate Liverpool since it opened in 1988, who recently retired. In the gallery is this Mark Rothko painting, which was hanging in the Tate when I went to university there in September 1988, thirty years ago and which made a big impression on me. So things tied together quite nicely there.

I was scrolling through my downloads folder recently finding tons of music I’d forgotten about and some I wasn’t sure I knew anything about. In there was this Richard Norris remix, a well Balearic take on an ode to the timespan between Friday evening and Sunday evening by Molly Wagger (from Edinburgh, moved to London, mixed up disco, indie and shoegaze). This came out back in 2010, followed by an album in 2011. Their Twitter and Facebook accounts don’t seem to have been updated since 2016 so I’m guessing they’ve called it a day. This remix is very good, nicely suited to these lighter evenings we’re getting and if it’s a few days early, then maybe we should all try and be a bit more weekend on a Wednesday.

Weekend (Richard Norris Balearic Remix)