Come Into My Life

Early 90s German techno anyone? Admittedly some 1992 techno can sound a bit harsh on the ears at this distance. The techno kick drum and tempo of Come Into My Life place it firmly in 1992, as do the acidic edges. It also veers into trance but the vocal and the sweeping strings lift it elsewhere. Even if you don’t like techno (or think you don’t) you should give this one a go. The Youtube uploader has set it to scenes from Bladerunner which makes perfect sense.

Come Into My Life was produced by Torsten Fenslau, who had a record label called Abfahrt as well. His biggest commercial success was producing Mr. Vain by Culture Beat, number one in 12 countries in 1993. He died in a car crash the same year. According to Wiki Mr. Vain was the first number one record not to have been released as a 7″ single since the 1950s. Despite its Eurodance cheesiness Mr. Vain is a song that always makes me smile.

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