My Favourite Way Of Getting Kicks

A last 1987 song for this week and I’m not even sure it’s a very good one. Pop Will Eat Itself’s Box Frenzy album was awash with drum machine and samples and on songs like There Is No Love Between Us Anymore they came up with something relatively original, a Midlands take on hip-hop/sampling with indie guitars. The song the album was equally well known for was Beaver Patrol, which opened with a sample ‘Attention young ladies!’, some crunchy guitar, crashing drum machine beat and then the line ‘My favourite way of getting kicks, I go down town and I hustle chicks- beaver patrol’. From there on in it’s a question of trying to work out if this is tongue in cheek, humorous, serious, a wind up or what.

Beaver Patrol

It seems like most people were totally unaware this was a cover- I know I was for many years (until a friend bought me the Pebbles garage compilation in the early 90s). The Wilde Knights wrote the original, a 60s organ and guitar garage song. Somehow I’m pretty sure The Wilde Knights were totally serious.

Beaver Patrol

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