You’re The Match Of Jericho

In the nearly eight years I’ve been doing this blog the only Cocteau Twins song I’ve featured has been Frosty The fucking Snowman so it’s well past time to rectify that. Their 1989 album Heaven Or Las Vegas found them approaching accessibility and looking for the fabled crossover. Iceblink Luck is full of wobbly, woozy sounds but is also technicolour, centre stage, looking for attention, and in tune with the times it has a rhythm that you could almost dance to/shamble about to.

Iceblink Luck

For all her new audibility I’m still none the wiser as to what Liz is singing about but it doesn’t really matter.

‘You’re the match of Jericho
That will burn this whole madhouse down
And I’ll throw open like a walnut safe
You will seem more like being that same bot-tle of exquisite stuff
Yes, you are the match of Jericho
That will burn
This whole madhouse down and I’ll throw
Open like the wall, not safe

You, yourself, and your father don’t know
So part in your own ways
You’re really both bone setters
Thank you for mending me babies’


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