To The Sea

Another day another Weatherall post. This one is an hour and ten minutes mix of songs about the sea. The Convenanza festival has moved this year from Carcasonne to Sète  and its Theatre by the Sea, hence the mix’s theme.

1. An Ocean Only You Can See / Ian William Craig
2. Atlantis / Deuter
3. Soft Ocean / The Kramford Look
4. An Ocean Goitia Deitz
5. Atlantic Postcard / The Holydrug Couple
6. Ocean Strings / Reverso 68
7. The Sun And The Sea / Barry Adamson
8. Sea The Swell / Talmun Shud
9. Sight On Sea / Magical Ring
10. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch / Music By Pinkunoizu
11. Life By The Sea [ Peel Version ] / The Names
12. Oceans / A.C.R.
13. Deep Sea / Kurt Vile
14. Sea Of Love / Like A Tim and Gina V.D’Orio
15. Sea Song / The Unthanks

And in a seemingly non-stop procession of output Weatherall and Nina Walsh’s Woodleigh Research Facility have contributed a track to a box set celebrating twenty five years of SOMA. This is a lively, thunderous and messy piece of acid.