Local bands often have the best names. There’s a pub I drive past on the way to work which is advertising gigs by upcoming groups including Mustard, Gin Pit and T.V.O.D, all of which are great names. I have no desire to see these bands play and accept that they are probably just pub covers bands. In my head they are something else entirely, fully fleshed out with members, songs and background, ready to change the world. Another pub, now demolished, a mile up the road had a chalkboard that stayed up on the outside for months after it closed promoting Kim Jung Ill and Chineapple Punks. Unfortunately not on the same night.

The Slits is one of the great band names. It’s a strange thing that given that almost every album ever made has been re-issued and is more or less constantly available, in double pack with b-sides and Peel Sessions and/or triple or coloured vinyl special editions, that their second album is unavailable and has been since a 2006 re-issue. Return Of The Giant Slits was released in 1981 and was a sidestep on from the punky energy of their debut- it’s more groove based, pinned down by Bruce Smith’s drums, allowing Tessa, Ari and Viv to explore African rhythms and a more laid back approach. Earthbeat was the album’s opener and a single and seems early 80s compared to the very ’77 sounds of Cut.



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