From The Vaults

A bumper Andrew Weatherall post for Saturday, four hours of it. Firstly, the latest Music’s Not For Everyone, a week late but none the worse for it. Towards the end there’s a new remix from Lord Sabre that will be the top of a few shopping lists.

During last year Weatherall and cohorts were forced to move out of the East London bunker complex he’d occupied for twenty years and into new accommodation. As part of the move mountains of vinyl were gone through. Weatherall writes “After de-commissioning the Axis bunker I decided to purge and re-acquaint. The purge took the form of selling 5,000 records and the acquaintance involved listening and compiling with the result being ‘M.N.F.E. (The R.G.C. Archive Editions)’.

So what we have now is a monthly online archive hour from the vaults of Rotters Golf Club. Volume One takes in Gene Vincent, Prince Far I, The Durutti Column, Jackie Levan, Fuxa, Charlie Rich and the theme tune from The Sweeney…

Volume 2 has more of the same eclectic mix including Syd Barrett, PiL, Bo Diddley, La Dusseldorf, The Cramps, The People’s Temple, John Cale…

The move out of Shoreditch wasn’t without its pain. Again, in his own words… ‘Deep down I knew about seven or eight years ago that my time was most probably up. It was the Saturday afternoon I saw the stretch limo disgorge its hen party payload onto the Old Street pavement but down in my bunker denial was beginning to set in and I felt increasingly like a jungle dwelling Japanese soldier who refuses to believe the war is over. It was a war that saw a fresh atrocity every day. A Ted Baker shop opening here, corporate “street art” appearing there. Luxury apartments springing up every fucking where.’


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