I’d Like To Write A Letter To You All

Maybe we’re about to enter a new age of the protest song. I’ve seen people say there aren’t any good protest songs from recent years but I think there have been a fair few that rank alongside the protest songs of the past.

I’ve posted this one before but it’s worth repeating. Steve Mason’s loose limbed indie plus righteous anger makes Fight Them Back pretty irresistible. I think he’s withdrawn a bit in interviews from the threat of the chorus, ‘get up and fight them back, a fist, a boot and a baseball bat’ but the intent was there when recorded- and we’ve all seen the ‘debate’ about punching Nazis I’m sure (conclusion? They’re Nazis, punch them). The vocal samples at the end are David Icke and Tony Blair respectively, neither of whom are men I’d particularly want to spend much time with. But no mistake this is a tune to march to.

Fight Them Back


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