The Runner

The Runner by A Certain Ratio is the best, least known song from their mid 80s phase, post-Factory and pre-house. It sort of manages to sound like its caught in between the two as well with a driving rhythm, some discordant brass and some bleeps behind Jez Kerr’s dry vocal. It came out on a 12″ called Greetings Four on an Italian label, Materiali Soneri, after their appearance at a gig in Italy (and although the single had pictures from the Italian gig on the sleeve the songs were recorded in the less latin surroundings of Rochdale). The single had versions of songs released on Force (Inside, Bootsy and Fever 103), and maybe they’re superior versions to the Force versions too, but the real treat is The Runner. The dark, strange funk sound of ACR.

The Runner

And here, in glorious wobbly VHS form, are ACR live on the telly in 1985 doing Wild Party and Inside (swapping instruments just for fun). On keyboards is Andy Connell who went on to form Swing Out Sister.


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