Let’s Get This Straight

I was listening to Dexys Midnight Runners on New Year’s Day. Not the young soul rebels Dexys of Geno or the misunderstood but not stood down Dexys but the more maligned raggle-taggle gypsy Dexys. This was sparked by two things. Firstly the younger child, now thirteen, singing the chorus of Come On Eileen and me wanting her to get the words right. And secondly a Top Of The Pops repeat from 1982 of the single Let’s Get This Straight (From The Start) where Kevin nails perfectly the Celtic soul thing- 50% Celtic and 50% soul. It’s also that great thing, a non-album single. While I’m here, although the styling wasn’t the best Dexys look, it was memorable and  I won’t have a bad word said about dungarees (not that I own a pair. I’m 46 for God’s sake).

Let’s Get This Straight (From The Start)