I Want To Keep Hold Of This For You

The Vinyl Villain has been hosting a long running series where different contributors suggest a ten track Imaginary Compilation Album for an artist or band, running the gamut from The Smiths to Massive Attack, from Durutti Column to Captain Beefheart. Now totalling over one hundred posts I finally pulled my finger out and wrote an Andrew Weatherall ICA. I cheated- it’s a double disc compilation. You can read it here.

This One Dove song didn’t make the cut but probably should have.

White Love (Guitar Paradise Mix)

Shifting Sands

A third song to go alongside West Bam and West India Company- I’ll stop after this, it’s getting a bit tenuous. The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band were from Los Angeles and made psychedelic rock. Shifting Sands came out in 1967, a B-side. There are some lovely distorted guitars on this and a folky vocal. And it was just as forward thinking at the time as Tuesday and Wednesday’s ‘West’ records were I guess.

Shifting Sands