Kino 3000

This is my 3000th post. I noticed the other day I was bearing down on this number. I should probably get out more and do things away from the computer but this blogging lark is a bit compulsive I have found.

We’re in Sheffield today, there last night as well actually, for a friend’s birthday- food, drinking and dancing was the promise. I like Sheffield and always feel like if I had to live somewhere else Sheffield would be near the top of the list- its got a good feel, defiantly northern, lots going on, some nice parts centrally and in the suburbs and the Peaks on the doorstep. A bucketful of musical history too, which Cabaret Voltaire are a fundamental part of. Formed in 1973 (1973!), pioneers of industrial, experimental and post-punk they shifted into synth based and dance influenced stuff in the 80s. Some of it hasn’t dated that well, especially compared to some of their contemporaries, but they were always innovative and interesting. Cabaret man Stephen Mallinder has recently done a cover of Trans Europe Express with Steve Cobby which was posted at Acid Ted. This song, Kino from 1985, is a favourite and could still rock a dancefloor.

Kino (12″ mix)

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