This font is called Rugby and was used in the mid-to-late 60s for records that had a certain tough psychedelic vibe- The Stooges and Shocking Blue for example- but also turned up on the soundtrack of For A Few Dollars More. In the late 80s Spacemen 3 used it, harking back to those days of lysergic adventure and sonic exploration. Both of those things can be found in spades on their 1993 release Dreamweapon, a three track compilation of live recordings. Side one/track one is a forty five minute drone out recorded live in Hammermsmith in August 1988, titled An Evening Of Contemporary Sitar Music. It goes on a bit never quite reaching a climax but definitely redefining the possibilities of the drone. I’m guessing you will either love it or it will do your head in. Maybe both. The other two tracks were equally self explanatory- Ecstacy In Slow Motion and Spacemen Jam, both from 1987.

Dreamweapon (An Evening Of Contemporary Sitar Music)