Seven Ways

Seeing as the sun has decided to make an early September appearance and that this is a song that was also released in 1991 like yesterday’s 808 State/Bjork record and just to show that sometimes the simple things really are the best here’s a sunny little tune that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Cola Boy were a duo of Andrew Ridgley (not the Wham! one) and Janey Lee Grace (who had sung backing vocals for Wham!). St Etinenne’s Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs wrote 7 Ways To Love and recorded it with Sarah Cracknell singing and because it was 1991 stuck it out as a white label (partly because they feared it destroy St Etienne’s carefully built up credibility). It sold out and was a big hit in the clubs. Sarah Cracknell was contractually not allowed to sing on non-St Etienne so it was re-recorded with Janey singing it. meanwhile the Cracknell version was bootlegged left, right and centre. Despite the lost sales it sailed into the top ten. It sounds like the summer of 1991- carefree vocals, cheesy keys, wobbly bass and a fantastic rhythm. Two versions, ‘cos I love you.

7 Ways To Love (original mix)

7 Ways To Love

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