Hey You, You’re Losing Your Vitamin C

I’ve enjoyed watching The Get Down, Netflix’s series based around the birth of hip hop in The Bronx in 1977. Whenever one of the characters (Dizzee) appeared so did this song, with those crazy Jaki Leibezeit rhythms and Damo Suzuki’s vocal refrain. It’s off Ege Bamyasi, released in 1972, the album that enabled them to move into a bigger and better studio. At only three minutes thirty three seconds long it doesn’t outstay its welcome and leaves me wanting more.

Vitamin C


2 Responses

  1. Can are one of those bands that I grew up with a dislike because as a post-punk new waver you were supposed to. I did so without knowing much of their material.

    Someone played this to me about ten years ago and asked me to guess who it was on a colder/hotter basis. It took me more than 20 goes….since then I’ve had a quiet admiration for the band as this is really good.

  2. Its funny that isn’t because there was no reason for punks to dislike Can. Its proto punk/weird funk rather than 60s hippy rock

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