Hold On There She Goes

Some more archive footage from two decades plus ago and another Manchester group. I watched this on ITV in the summer of 1990 and taped it on a VHS cassette that I always had on standby near the telly for music clips. I built up a small collection of compilation videos that got thrown away at some point. Now most of it’s on Youtube. In July 1990 a bunch of Manchester bands played at Granada Studios- Intastella, The New FADs, The Charlatans and The High. I’ve written about The High before. They released a minor classic album called Somewhere Soon which had some really good songs and three superb singles in Box Set Go, Up and Down and Take Your Time. The album’s follow up single was another cracker (More…). After that, for a number of reasons, it fell to pieces but for a while they were very good. In the clip here, which I can remember vividly from my homemade videotape, they play Box Set Go and PWA in one of the sound stages at the old Granada Studios building.

Singer John Matthews and guitarist Andy Couzens have recently reformed and played a few gigs. The released a new single (Kiss The Sun) but annoyingly I can’t find a stream of it to post.

Take Your Time


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