Free Flashback

In 1990 the original line up of Big Audio Dynamite released their last song, Free, for the soundtrack of a film called Flashback. Dennis Hopper and Kiefer Sutherland starred in Flashback- a radical hippie on the run for twenty years (Hopper) and an FBI agent sent to bring him to trial (Sutherland). I’ve seen it, many years ago, 1990 probably- I seem to recall enjoying it at the time. The song didn’t appear on any B.A.D. albums except the Planet Bad compilation although it turned up in a re-written and re-titled form on BAD II’s Kool Aid. It’s a very late 80s becoming 90s house influenced, Stussy-clad number. Good, catchy fun if not the best way to remember the line up of the band that had achieved so much over the previous years.

Free (Film Version)

Free (Club Version)

The video has Mick and the B.A.D. boys lip syncing and dancing/shuffling over footage and clips from the film. Gives you a flavour of both in one handy package.


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