Two Sevens Clash

Meanwhile, in Jamaica in 1977…

Two Sevens Clash

Culture formed in 1976 and recorded several singles with Joe Gibbs which had a huge impact, none more so than Two Sevens Clash. Released in 1977 it was picked up by John Peel and played at The Roxy by Don Letts ensuring its popularity with the London punk crowd. Two Sevens Clash predicted the apocalypse on July 7th 1977. Righteous roots reggae- the whole album is well worth your time.

I try really hard not to pour scorn celebrities wearing band t-shirts. I understand the knee jerk reaction when a celeb is pictured in a band t-shirt. ‘I bet they couldn’t name two songs by xxxx‘ we think, ‘I bet they don’t even know the name of the drummer’ we mutter.It’s a bit unfair- they might genuinely be a fan, they might love the artist’s work as much as we do.  And who’s to say someone might not look at us in a band t-shirt and think the same?


Yes, that’s Paris Hilton.

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