Gentleman Rotter

Another Andrew Weatherall radio show for NTS has appeared with the customary mixture of obscure, exotic and out there tunes. The picture above is purloined from an excellent interview in The Guardian which you can find here full of laugh out loud quotes and anecdotes. The Rotters Golf Club press machine has gone into overdrive with Convenanza- there are also interviews in this month’s Q Magazine and the Wire.


I Bought About A Hundred Candles

Most Iggy Pop albums, even the terrible ones, have something going for them. Avenue B, released in 1999, was a departure from the rock sound he’d cracked on with in the 90s. It had short spoken word pieces, reflective songs with bongos and acoustic guitar, a song in Spanish. It’s unfairly overlooked- it sold poorly and wasn’t well received by critics or many fans. Written in the aftermath of the break-up with his long-term girlfriend it was a man looking back, reflective, ageing, doubtful, wondering if he was still attractive to women. The song Nazi Girlfriend suggested he was still having some success in that department. The title track is a lovely, jazzy little tune with Iggy actually singing, almost crooning. ‘I am gonna need a miracle’ he sings, ‘on Avenue B’.

Avenue B