The Hawaiian Death Stomp

I found a box of cd recently, cds I made myself between 2006 and 2010. I used to regularly burn compilation cds and make handwritten or typed tracklists and then print covers for them. Is that sad? I’m surely not the only person who did it. Am I? Anyway, one of them was a bunch early 90s progressive dance tracks and in the middle was this by Four Boy One Girl Action, David Homes, Kris Needs, Jags Kooner and Gary Burns being the four boys. It was the first release on Holmes’ Exploding Plastic Inevitable record label in 1993. The One Girl was Patti Smith, sampling her ‘I haven’t fucked much with the past but I’ve fucked plenty with the future’ line. Strangely, in all the time I’ve been doing this blog, this is Patti Smith’s first appearance here. The Hawaiian Death Stomp is long, pounding, percussive and pretty essential.

The Hawaiian Death Stomp