She’s A Sad Tomato

Watching an R.E.M. documentary the other night reminded me a) what a good band R.E.M. were in the 80s but also b) how they kept that going into the mainstream- such an unlikely band to be stadium size, multi-million selling albums big. After Automatic For The People I always think they tail off very quickly but the fade was delayed longer than that. I didn’t think too much of Monster when it came out but Crush With Eyeliner is really good- it shimmers and throbs and has groove. New Adventures In Hi Fi has several 90s peaks on it too. Being massive and mainstream and still being interesting is a difficult trick to pull off. In retrospect they should have called it a day when Bill Berry left- that would have left everything intact.

Which then led me to this 90s Sonic Youth masterpiece. Sonic Youth crossing over with New York fashion shows and Cara Delevingne in tow. Sonic Youth crossed back pretty quickly.


2 Responses

  1. Monster – very underrated album, savaged by critics who until Out Of Time had very little to say about the band. New Adventures was too long. Perhas for the first time, there seemed to be filler on the record. Strip it of three or four songs and it’s a blinding record.

  2. New Adventures is actually my favourite REM album…..and it would have been a great way to bow out. What strikes me about the later albums is the lack of real killer tunes….there’s some decent songs in there but nothing unforgettable which undicates Bill was central to the songwriting.

    Oh and I could listen to Sugar Kane every single day and never tire of it.

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