Clock Factory

Following Drew’s post on Friday- it doesn’t take much for me to return to Weatherall- here’s some early Sabres Of Paradise, illustrated with a photo from Boy’s Own fanzine (captioned in Lord Sabre’s own hand I believe). Clock Factory took up an entire side of the vinyl release of Sabresonic (1993), a tad under fifteen minutes long. Across its seven tracks (or eight if you count Smokebelch the Beatless Mix, an extra 7″ in initial copies and added to the cd release) Sabresonic has cuts aimed fairly and squarely at the dancefloor (Still Fighting), some very smart dub-house (RSD) and some more abstract, broken beat ones (Ano Electro). Clock Factory is the more ambient one of the set- whirrings and tickings and time moving slowly but purposefully.

Clock Factory


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