Radio Witherspoon

Andrew Weatherall came back with the first edition of 2016 of his Music’s Not For Everyone radio show the other night. If you’ve enjoyed these shows in the past you’ll know what to expect- two hours of wide ranging, genre spanning, head expanding sounds. Don’t touch that dial.


Dream Slumber

Dream Slumber is a remix of Annette by T-Coy. In other words Mike Pickering and Simon Topping remixing themselves. It’s a fantastic piece of 1988 Mancunian acid house that could fit in with both Drew’s Friday series and by Pickering’s association with Factory my 2015 Factory Friday series. The sequenced bassline is a dream and the record glides towards it’s stuttering sample conclusion… ‘that’s a baaaaaad record’.

Dream Slumber (T-Coy Mix)