Freak Out In A Moonage Daydream

We were in Paris at the end of October. At dusk we crossed the road from the Seine, by the bridge with the padlocks (now being removed), towards The Louvre. It had been stupidly warm for late October. The Eiffel Tower was lit up in the distance. We walked up to an arch leading into the courtyard of the Louvre as a busker was hitting some chords. As we walked towards him and the archway we got a fade in effect and as we passed him he hit the chorus of this song…

‘Keep your electric eye on me babe
Put your raygun to my head’

I nodded and dropped a coin as we walked past and then as we moved away he faded out…

‘Freak out in a moonage daydream, oh yeah’.

You could put together a list of ten David Bowie albums and one hundred songs and still be arguing about what to leave out. I’d take his work over that of both The Beatles and The Stones. He inspired many of the people who came after him and who have been featured on this blog. I’d wager most of the people who blog in the blogroll to the right have his albums in their collections. His songs, his look, his art, his influence is almost incomparable in popular music. RIP David Bowie.


Speedwell was the b-side to St Etienne’s Nothing Can Stop Us 12″. A second 12″ single was released with this remix by Dean Thatcher and Jagz Kooner of The Aloof, one of those deep, dub-house remixes from 1991 that are rather popular round here. For that moment just after the sun has gone down (probably best in a summer context that, given that it goes dark at around 4pm currently).

Speedwell (The Flying Mix)