She Never Understood

As well as running Creation Records Alan McGee had a band called Biff Bang Pow! who sounded about as indie and Creation as it was possible to- jangly 12 or acoustic string guitars, half sung and half whispered vocals, little touches of organ, tinny production, smothered in melancholy and regret. The compilation pictured above has eighteen examples plus that eye catching cover shot and it isn’t half bad. Most of the songs are about girls- happy girls, sad girls, girls who never understood, girls who paint or haunt, girls who run the Beat Hotel. A snapshot of a little part of the mid 1980s.

She Never Understood


2 Responses

  1. This lot were never as good as Alan McGhee thought they were but at the same time they were better than many indie fans give them crefit for. It was an era when it was tricky to stand out from the crowd and only very occasionally did BBP! manage to do so….albeith these few minutes are anong their best.

  2. I always thought McGee must have been a bit crestfallen when he signed bands who were clearly better than BBP! and then went back to the studio to do some more of his own stuff. They have their moments though.

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