Well I Got A Little Story To Tell About A Hairstyle That’s A Way Of Life

Various people and happenings from the early to mid-90s have happily re-emerged into my life in recent days via social media. And I found myself singing this. Circa 1994 the Beastie Boys were a cultural colossus- music, clothes, magazines, record label. This B-side is an immense slab of punk rock celebrating the most derided haircut of all time and name checking its celebrity wearers.



One Response

  1. Social media still scares me. I don’t engage with it the way I know I should. But in my defence, I’m kind of too busy with all sorts of nonsense to spend too much time on it….and if I did it would be to the detriment of the blogging activity.

    Cracking song. First time I’ve ever heard it. Wouldn’t have guessed who it was till the slowed-down section at the end, Cheers

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