Made Of Light

Tymon Dogg is best known round these parts as the man who recorded a song with The Clash on Sandinista (Lose This Skin) and as a member of Joe Strummer’s Mescaleros, contributing guitar, fiddle and song writing to some of Joe’s best 90s work. He has a solo album of his own out now and the good people at Blue Soap Music let me have a digital copy gratis. Tymon always seems like one of the archetypal free spirits, a wandering musician who pitches up when he wants to and follows his muse, hippy ideals and punk attitude. Made Of Light reflects this- it’s not always an easy listen and covers a variety of styles, moving from baroque harpsichords to acoustic songs via Spanish guitar, English folk-psychedelia and politicised lyrics. But it’s never less than interesting and is worth checking out. The stand out is A Pound Of Grain, a song that started life as a co-write with Joe Strummer and finished after his death- a rousing tune about the cost of the food processing industry and industrial agriculture. It also namechecks Bob Dylan and borrows from Leonardo da Vinci. Parts of the video aren’t for the fainthearted and could put you off your dinner.

This clip was put out by Tymon back in 2012, an unreleased song from the Combat Rock sessions with a video filmed to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Joe’s death, with Joe, Mick, Paul and Topper backing Tymon. Shades of Minstrel Boy.