I Really Don’t Think You Know That I’m In Heaven When You Smile

Here we go again- as you probably know The Stone Roses have recently announced three big gigs next summer, two at Manchester City’s ground (we’ll get to that later) and one at T In The Park. Rumours that the gigs may coincide with a new album circulate, more in hope than expectation I think. Half the internet is in a frenzy, already poised over their laptops ready for Friday morning when the tickets go on sale- and then sell out in fifteen minutes. The other half scorns them- ‘Has there ever been a more over-rated band?’ I read somewhere.

When they first reunited in 2012 I was very excited, this time less so and I’m not entirely sure why. I went to Heaton Park- it was great. I managed to get into the Warrington Parr Hall free gig too a month earlier- that was even better. It was totally unexpected, it was a small venue, it was done in the spirit of the band. This time it feels more conventional- two gigs in a football stadium feels ordinary, rockist even- football stadia are for Oasis, for Bon Jovi, for U2. And it’s at Man City’s stadium, while Ian, John and Mani are United fans. At least at the gigs the Etihad will be full I suppose. Seeing them play live three years ago, against all the odds, was fantastic and whatever people say about Ian’s vocals (yawn) they can play. It felt like unfinished business, washing away the way they broke up, the disastrous rump Roses at the Reading festival. I can’t summon the same excitement this time. Maybe when the ticket sales open I’ll feel a pang, maybe someone will get on the website and book tickets, maybe I’ll try. But right now I feel  a bit jaded about it.

I like to remember them this way. Standing Here was on the B-side of the She Bangs The Drums 12″, a crazy feedback opener, a lazy (in a good way) Hendrix groove, strange wordy lyrics and a beautiful dreamy, coming-down coda. Effortless and electric. I loved them then- now half the world loves them too. Maybe that’s my problem. Indie purist snobbery blues.

Standing Here