The Cat Prowls Again

Timothy J. Fairplay can do no wrong in my eyes- he consistently and frequently records and releases instrumental gems, science fiction dancefloor gems dredged up from analogue synths and drum machines. I could do with it all being compiled onto one double cd for convenience’s sake. This one went up on his Soundcloud page back in July with the hashtags #rare gloom and #stasi disco, both of which make perfect sense as types of music. This track was also accompanied by the following piece of text…

British exchange student Jennifer Bannister takes a summer job at an archaeological dig just outside Rome. In charge of the dig is the eccentric Bella Raubkatze who is the world expert in the ancient female only feline worshipping cult who’s temple the archaeologists are exhuming. When Jennifer arrives at the dig the camp is in chaos, two of the girls working there have gone missing in the night, and things are made even worse for her as all the other girls are increasingly unfriendly towards her. Is there something sinister about Bella’s interest in the this ancient religion? Why does she get angry about Jennifer’s affection for Tommy the only guy working on the dig? And why does the camp become totally deserted at the same time every night? Is Jennifer about to make a terrible discovery?

I’ve been waiting for the next installment ever since.

Timothy put out a seven track mini-album called False Visions for Cassette Store Day (two days ago, Saturday), limited to one hundred copies only. I don’t have one unfortunately. This is a seven minute preview of the songs from it. More goodies from his magic fingers and golden ears.