This was my view from behind the decks at a friend’s 45th birthday party I played records at on Friday night, decks on the decking with fairy lights and a chandelier in the tree above my head. It was good fun, playing records outdoors for a small but appreciative crowd who wore a hole in the lawn. The man from next door (who went to school with Johnny Marr) asked ‘have you got any Northern?’ Guests had been asked to bring any 45s they might want playing and a man from a few roads away turned up with Underworld’s Rez, which somehow I wasn’t expecting.

This new one from East Yorkshire’s Mono Life is a lovely piece of work and bodes well for the new album he’s working on. Slow, down tempo, pushing all the right buttons and with a feel of those few minutes when the shadows lengthen and the sun slips down.

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