Blue Room

On the mp3 player that sits in my car and helps me get to and from work there is an edited version of Blue Room by The Orb, their 1992 single that famously saw them appear on Top Of The Pops doing nothing but playing chess. The short version is about four minutes long but always leaves me wanting a bit more. Here’s the longer version, with that bit more that I wanted.

Blue Room (Full Version)

The song was deliberately written and timed to run to 39.57 due to the chart compiling company Gallop’s then recent decision that no single eligible for the UK charts could be longer than forty minutes long. Hence, Blue Room is the longest single to chart in the UK. Describing  Blue Room will only lead me to descend into cliches about journeys and trips so I won’t bother, just give up some time to letting it improve your day.


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