Wait By The Gate

Earlier this year I posted an ep by Manchester based group Multiplier, three songs with widescreen guitars, songs somewhere in Elbow and Doves territory but also Manchester’s lost sons The Chameleons, with some shoegaze too. They’ve had some radio exposure on BBC 6 and local stations and played with iLIKETRAINS, Six By Seven, Blossoms and The Woodentops. They have a double A side single out in October, and have gone straight for the jugular with a pair of songs that sound like they’re ready to punch a hole in the speakers. Both tunes also sound like gig songs, dynamic and to be performed live in front of speaker stacks and under lights. Wait By The Gate is carried along by rolling drums and bass and a vocal that recalls Richard Ashcroft in his prime. Chasing Shadows sounds like it should playing over the closing titles of TV series, guitar heroics and all. The single will be on Bandcamp next month, in a pay what you want deal. There’s something going on here, give them a go.

I just checked what i wrote last time and noticed that the last time I wrote about Multiplier I put a picture of Edie Sedgwick alongside them so I’m following suit today. She had a strong look.

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