Another day, another mix, another Weatherall post… this is an hour long mix from Lord Sabre inspired by a new book ‘Psychedelia and Other Colours’ by Rob Chapman, out in September. Weatherall has also written the foreword for the book.

The mix in Weatherall’s own words: “Deadlines were passing and and I needed a kick up the arse, but with an army of psychic skeletons waiting to surge across synapses should they be lysergically fired, going “gonzo” was not an option when I found myself lacking Caliope’s influence. I needed to get back on the bus but knew that the cost of a ticket was one I was unwilling to pay.My sanity is priceless. I needed a “madeleine moment” but tea and cake wasn’t going to cut it. Casting my mind back to my first trip I remembered a good part of it was spent on a large Victorian brass bed listening to the static between stations on a transistor radio.I heard my own internal soundtrack, music made of ether and electricity. It was then it struck me. A sonic key was required. After some hours spent in the bunker’s research library I compiled a collection of music that crackled and fizzed within a nebulous fog. Static charges mirroring synaptic fireworks. On mixing and playing the result was immediate. The foreword was written.”

1: She Possessed The Secret of Listening To The Stars – The Humble Bee
2: Lapis Lazuli – Fisherofgold
3:Caisteal Grugail – Invocation
4: Often Destroyed – Helm
5: Unchained – TCB
6: No Drums – Tim Hecker
7: After Tomorrow – Arovane and Hior Chronik
8: Walk Into The Light – White Noise Sound


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