No Big Audio Dynamite posts since June- heaven’s above, let’s rectify that straight away. The albums the original line up made are all worthy of time and attention. The first has the breakout tunes- E=MC2, Medicine Show, The Bottom Line. The second, Number 10 Upping Street, refines things, has Joe Strummer co-writing and producing, and includes possibly their best song V Thirteen. The third album, Tighten Up Vol. 88, comes inside a Paul Simonon painting of the Westway and Trellick Tower sleeve and has some top drawer songs- Other 99 and The Battle Of All Saints Road among them. Megatop Phoenix was the last they made before most of the band split leaving Mick to form BAD II. Megatop is a house influenced record, but with the usual high quality song writing and the sense of playfulness. The singles from each of the albums came with a variety of remixes, versions and b-sides. This song is from a promo 12″ called Lovesensi ( a joke on Prince’s Lovesexy from the same year). It had the BAD Overture on the a-side and a remix of 2000 Shoes on the flip. 2000 Shoes was on 1988’s Tighten Up but the remix would sound equally at home on Megatop Phoenix and is a tribute of sorts to disgraced Philippine shoe owner Imelda Marcus. Zippy, upbeat and club-bound.

2000 Shoes (Top Buzz)


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