Sweetness And Light

There’s something about 1990 at the minute- I don’t know if it’s a twenty five year rule (like the official release of parliamentary records) or that my subconscious is particularly attuned to records that came out in my twentieth year or (most likely) it’s just coincidence but I came across the video for this the other night and it sounded brilliant and beautiful. Sweetness And Light was Lush’s second single. I bought it on 12″ when it came out (October 15th 1990) and I imagine it was Single Of The Week in NME or Melody Maker or both. It’s stuffed full of lovely jangly guitars and a great little chord change, shoegaze sheen and Miki Berenyi’s whispered singing- today it sounds pretty poppy. The video is a riot of 1990 psychedelic effects.