You Pretend You’re High

I was flicking through the music channels on the telly the other day, the free ones that come as standard with our box, and on one of them was an hour’s worth of videos from the 1990s of bands fronted by women. This one came up within thirty seconds…

I really like this song. I bought it for Mrs Swiss who loved it when it was released back in 1996. The 7″ came in a cloth bag with rubber bits on it and it’s still there in the 7″ boxes downstairs. The tune is insistent, naggingly catchy, the snarky lyrics raise questions about who the subject is and I always had a soft spot for Shirley Manson. It also makes really effective use of Topper Headon’s drums from Train In Vain.

2 Responses

  1. You had a soft spot for Shirley? My spot wasn’t soft… sorry to be so crass, but I’ve always regarded our Shirl as possibly the sexiest rock star on the planet. Still do, if I’m being honest. That first Garbage album still sounds good. It’s aged much better than those that followed.

  2. I did consider a soft spot/hard spot joke but decided against it.

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