Love Reigns

In amongst his guest star filled solo albums and Hollywood soundtrack works there’s a David Holmes album which I come back to more than pretty much anything else he’s done. The Holy Pictures, from 2008, was a low key affair- no guest vocalists, no Elvis, no genre hopping- but as an album it hangs together beautifully. Based largely on his Belfast childhood and the passing of his mother, the songs are personal, in tone as much as anything. He sings/whispers on the monumental opener I Heard Wonders, which unexpectedly popped up at the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics. There are some shoegazing influences (MBV go pop), krautrock rhythms and tremolo guitars. Intros suddenly burst into headswimming technicolour. The closing three are Eno-influenced ambient pieces, sombre and affecting. But The Holy Pictures doesn’t bring you down, it’s uplifting and filled with life. I’m not sure if it’s currently in print but can be found second hand- well worth it if you haven’t got a copy.

Love Reign Over Me