Browsing one of the shelves holding cds the other night I pulled out the only two I own by New York’s Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The first was the five track self titled ep, their debut release, from back in 2001. I loved (and still do) the final song Our Time, a raw and rough, spine tingling song setting Karen O’s vocal against Nick Zinner’s gut wrenching guitar…’It’s the year to be hated…’ she sings, ‘this is our time’. And it sounded like she meant it.

A year or so later they released their first album- Fever To Tell. It is the only other thing I bought by them. Looking at the track listing I can’t remember too much about any of the songs apart from the single Maps which went onto win awards and gets placed in lists in magazines and all sorts. And it deserves it.


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  1. Really like what the YYYs do, all four of their albums sound very different to each other. My fave is It’s Blitz! which is a brilliant piece of work. Love that pic of Karen O. Always thought she was kind of odd-looking, but curiously sexy-as-feck at the same time…

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