I couldn’t think of a Paul Simonon post-Clash dub remix (Havana 3am to the best of my knowledge weren’t remixed by anyone, nor were The Good, The Bad And The Queen) and can’t think of a post-Clash Topper one either (my knowledge of Topper’s post-Clash musical output is less sound admittedly) so after Monday and Tuesday’s post-Clash dub remix posts I’ll have to change tack.

Primal Scream released Goodbye Johnny as a single in 2013 and it came with a Weatherall remix, a drawn out, dark and moody affair. Not my favourite of Weatherall’s recent remix work but its got its moments. In fact it isn’t too far from the Two Lone Swordsmen remix of Stuka from a long time ago.

The top search return for Johnny on Google is Johnny Depp. Which gives me an excuse to post a picture of  his ex, 90s indie pin up Winona Ryder.

Goodbye Johnny (Andrew Weatherall’s Nyabinghi Noir Mix)