Beards Are Not For Everyone

Sunday night- a time for important developments in the music world, current affairs and hair care regimes. Sit down, if you’re not doing already- this is big.

Andrew Weatherall has shaved his beard off.

Wait- there’s more. The beard is for sale on ebay. I’ll repeat that. The beard is for sale on ebay.

At the time of writing it has four bids, the current high bid is £1.24. You can keep track of this here until the auction ends in eight days. And bid if you want to. I should point out none of the bids are mine. I mean, what would you do with it?

Music’s Not For Everyone

Andrew Weatherall’s on-and-off radio show Music’s Not For Everyone (currently on NTS Radio) returned last week. Eclectic is putting it mildly. This one has a fantastic new Asphodells remix of C.A.R. at around the forty-six minute mark. There is also quite a bit of post-punky stuff, Wild Billy Childish, reggae from Horseman, mad disco from Bombay, the cosmic Cavern Of Anti-Matter, some deranged surf, a synth-fest from The Advisory Circle, Howe Gelb and Matt Berry. Weird stuff abounds.

Ideal for your Sunday morning pottering about. If the player hasn’t embedded (Mixcloud can be a bit crap like that) there’s a link here.