The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 158

Here’s a bucket full of rockabilly, a hour and a quarter of songs opening with the incomparable Wayne Walker and working it’s way through thirty-six more to get to Al Rex and his Hydrogen Bomb, while Hot Rod Rumble plays behind it. Everyone’s a winner.

It’s been a long week, pass the wine.

Lemon Drops

Wolverhampton’s Mighty Lemon Drops were almost the archetypal mid-to-late 80s, post-punk/indie group, all dressed in black with Rickenbackers, and found within the inky pages of the NME. Look at the picture- nothing could be more post-Smiths but pre-acid house. They owed a debt to the sound of Echo And the Bunnymen, from the spikey psychedelic guitars to the tom-toms and the voice of Paul Marsh. This was their first single, released for Dan Treacy’s Dreamworld label. Close your eyes and it’s 1986 again.

Like An Angel