Veni Vidi Vici

I have decided to accept the self imposed challenge to post a song each day this week with a Latin title- that’s Latin the dead language rather than latino or latin American just to stick some rules on it. It may require some thought to get through the week (although Friday is sorted).

The Black Lips were a decent little garage band who appeared towards the end of the last decade. They got a lot of press for their bad behaviour- pissing on stage, spitting in each other’s mouths etc- which overshadowed the songs a bit. This song is a good ‘un, less raucous than the rest of the album it came off. Came, saw, conquered.

There was also a Diplo remix, which kept the bassline and sound effects but redid the drums and looped some of the rest up a bit.

And, here we go again, an Andrew Weatherall remix which as far as I know was only released on a compilation/mix cd he put together called Watch The Ride. If you can wait until teatime on Wednesday you’ll be able to dl it.

Veni Vidi Vici (Andrew Weatherall Dub)