Turn The Heater On

This is New Order’s gorgeous cover version of Keith Hudson’s reggae tune Turn The Heater On, done for a Peel session in 1982. The marriage of early 80s New Order and dub works really rather well, Bernard’s melodica especially.

Turn The Heater On (Peel Session)

s far as I’m aware, it’s also New Order’s only recorded cover version.

1. Yes, I know they used to cover Sister Ray, but that appears on live albums and bootlegs only (including the very brilliant mid 80s Glastonbury gig they released. Bernard’s  between song banter including the legendary ‘Big songs, small dicks’). There’s also a US gig where they did Anarchy In The UK I used to have a recording of. Was it any good? No, it was shit.
2. Yes, I know they covered Jimmy Cliff’s Vietnam for a War Child compilation. But that was the reconvened New Order minus Gillian Gilbert and while I saw them live several times during that period and always massively enjoyed them I’m getting to a point where as far as being a recording band is concerned, I don’t include the stuff without Gillian. Sorry Phil Cunningham but that’s how it is. On the other hand, I do really like at least half of Get Ready, their 2001 comeback album, so I’m contradicting myself. Maybe the line above should therefore read…

As far as I’m aware it’s also New Order’s only recorded cover version apart from their 2003 cover of Jimmy Cliff’s Vietnam.