Follow Through

Sunday morning- time for a 12″ remix that I bought having seen it referred to on the NME’s club page back in 1991, then as now a sucker for the words ‘Andrew’ and ‘Weatherall’ and ‘remix’. The band were called Airstream, signed to One Little Indian, and if I remember right were the first recorded output of at least one future Chemical Brother, Tom (or Ed) playing guitar (I think) in an indie dance group. But I might have made that up. For the remix Weatherall chops up sections of the vocal and scatters them along with some strange noises, some of which sound suspiciously like didgeridoo, over a drum track. If you want to be a bit reductionist about it. The Weatherall remix bears little relation to the original which is a catchy, piano led Flowered Up style groover.

Follow Through (Nine O’ Clock Drop Mix)

I once saw (and very nearly bought) a vintage brown leather motorcycle rider’s jerkin, similar to the one the man in the picture is wearing.

No, of course I’d never have worn it. I mean, what circumstances could possibly require such a garment?


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