Kiss Them For Me

This 1991 single was a big hit in the US for Siouxsie and the Banshees- Stephen Hague production, Talvin Singh on tabla and backing vocals, a Schooly D sample- but I think it may have slipped through the net here. Siouxsie was possibly a bit old hat in ’91 but this song shows somebody’s finger was on the pulse. It’s begging for an expansive remix too. Listened to in 2014 it sounds like perfect, glittery pop music. And there’s nowt wrong with that.

Kiss Them For Me

One Response

  1. Hope you’re having a lovely break. You’re so right… big hit here in America. MTV’s 120 Minutes pushed this one hard at the time. I think the chart appearance was jarring to old-time fans like myself, but it really is a great pop song. As for a remix, I have the original 12″, called the Snapper Mix, that clocks in at about 6:30. It’s very well done. You can hear it on youtube. Take care.

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