The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 133

Pull up a chair, grab a pint , there’s a band on tonight- The Blue Cats have been rocking and reeling out of south London since the early 80s and while hairlines may have receded the spirit hasn’t diminished. Just right for a boogie on a damp Friday night. Is this what Davy used to call the Smiling Hour? Chin chin.

Billy Ruffians

14 Responses

  1. Jesus, that has been a hell of a first week back!Large G&T Glo and one for our host. So who are you settling in to the new workplace?

  2. First week for me too. I need a LOT of sleep, and tomorrow I'll be up at 6 in the morning.I need beer. Is there?

  3. Same workplace Drew but new role. More work to do while still doing my old job too. Its been a looooong week. Rum n ginger and a pint please Glo- that's a nice to you've got on by the way. Glad to see you've smartened up a bit since leaving Davy's place.

  4. I was talking to Glo, SA.Am off the rum, as I was right about the DM, which is a pity.

  5. What was the record from Picadilly records. Your tweet disappeared!

  6. Sorry Drew, sorry Glo. Dunno what happened with the tweet- this tablets a bit shit. It's a new Fall 10" only available at Piccadilly records or something. I'll see if I can re-tweet it.

  7. Tweet sorted. More beer please Glo.Davy's posted. A picture.

  8. I know, of tumble weed. Jesus!Having a bit of a KLF week this week and really digging the second Toy album

  9. Not got the Toy one yet. Keep forgetting. Ta for reminder

  10. Me being the saddoe that I am have already got the Fall 12", ordered it from Action Records, 'tis better than the last album.When talking of MES, bonker interview here on for a couple of beers Tuesday night?

  11. Just a half for me Glo. No room for a pint after an early evening curry

  12. Ah darn nope don't think I can do this Tuesday. Will check and get back to you

  13. Could murder a curry!

  14. South Indian Garlic Chicken – medium hot or half hot as the waiter would have it!Lovely

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