Stay Calm There’s No Need For Alarm

My hip hop loving brother expressed his disapproval (via social media, the scamp, taking his beef public) when I posted Young MC’s Know How the other day. Young MC is wack I think, not dope. Hopefully this may be more acceptable. It is a tip top piece of 80s hip hop from KRS 1 and Scott La Rock- and hey! We should stop the violence!

Stop The Violence

7 Responses

  1. I thought Young MC was dope to the max. The dude had killa flow and beatz.

  2. I have no idea what LondonLee means. I also do not know what "wack" or "dope" mean in the context you use.

  3. Is it shit or tha shit?

  4. Oh, I say.Well anyway, I just popped by to say that I had this most awful dream over the holiday period.You had changed the Bagging Area title photo and selected another one .. with a different group of shoppers .. and .. in another store. I mean .. can you believe it?I was most relieved to find the old crowd still there, I can tell you.Love always

  5. God- sounds awful DVD. At least you can count on things not changing round here- same pic, same shoppers, same old shit from me

  6. I think you need to feature some Rebel MC…

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