Double Mick

I was listening to that BBC 6 Radio Clash show yesterday and one of Mick Jones’ choices was Citadel by The Rolling Stones. Citadel is off the 1967 psychedelic disaster Their Satanic Majesties Request, an album with two, maybe three, good songs. I’d forgotten all about Citadel until Jonesey played it and it floored me, to the extent that I went to the vinyl collection, dug out Satanic Majesties (which probably hasn’t been out of it’s sleeve since the late 80s) and put Citadel straight on. Sneering, psychedelic garage rock. It’s got a superb nasty, psych guitar riff from Keef and Mick doing what sounds like a slowed down proto- Jumping Jack Flash vocal. Add in some noise that The Velvet Underground wouldn’t have turned down and you have what may well be the most under-rated song in The Stones whole back catalogue (which means all the records up to Exile On Main Street really doesn’t it?).


And for the last day of 2013 here’s Bagging Area favourites Big Audio Dynamite with a lovely slice of late 80s house influenced positivity, Contact.

But what on earth was Mick doing with his hair?

Contact (Club Mix)

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  1. Similar: my 'Cor, that's a good track – hey, hang on a minute, I've *got* that somewhere!' moment was when they played Shuggie Otis's Inspiration Information.

  2. I love radio programmes presented by musicians whose stuff I love.

  3. An album put down by rock commentators erroneously since it came out. Would rather listen to this anyday than that crappy Beatles shit that has been lauded by the likes of Mojo, Q, etc etc etc (sheeep)So many bands have built ongoing careers on less.2000 Light years, Rainbow,Citadel, are just as stunning today. see also We love recorded at the same time.

  4. Never heard the album. When I played your video it reminded me of…Changeling (Simple Minds)….

  5. Funny, I am not much of a Stone or Beatles fan for that matter, sure, I know how much the informed the bands I do like from the Punk and Post Punk Era, but my musical education began with Bowie and Roxy Music, so I don't have a great affection for TRS or TB.But when it comes down to naming Stones tracks that I enjoy, Citadel and 2000 Light Years are certainly among them. Citadel I came to know because The Comsat Angels, a band I can't ever imagine being without in my music collection recorded a version around 1984 and can be found on the reissue of their 5th album 7 Day Weekend.Happy New Year to you and your's Adam!! Looking forward to more Bagging Area in 2014!!!

  6. The Damned did an ace version on the Friday the 13th EP – from 1981, a few steps of the 80s psych revivalCitadelAnother nugget of Stones gold is Going Down from Metamorphosis. A throw away track – that's a template tune for the Primals and Black Crowes

  7. Yes, Going Down's a good 'un Mondo. Sounds like the sort of thing they could write in their sleep.

  8. Echorich- I djed a birthday party in October which the singer from Comsat Angels was at- he's a friend of a friend (the birthday boy in fact). When I played one of their singles he ran out of the room.

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