Christmas Eve

                                                                Merry Christmas from 1945

It’s too late- the shops are shut, apart from the all night garage and the Nisa local. If you haven’t got it by now, you’re not going to get it. So sit down, pour yourself a drink, put your feet up, put some music on and mute the TV.

I’ll be seeing family and going away for a couple of days. To all the people who come here and read this blog, the lurkers and the shy (pop in and say hello lurkers! You just have to leave something in the comments box) and all my internet friends- Ctel, Drew, Davy, DVD, George, Charity Chic, Simon, Ally, Dirk, Echorich, Walter, Luca, London Lee, The Cynical Farmer, Anto, Mondo, Max, and any others I’ve missed from this list who leave the comments that make this blogging lark a two-way thing rather than just me staring at a computer screen- I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. See you in a few days.

A Poundland Christmas

In recent years Billy Childish has become part of the sound of Christmas round our way.

Black Christmas

Poly Styrene’s epic reggae tinged tribute to a black Christmas (with black snow) is a must for any serious Christmas compilation cd or playlist. Your kids and relations will thank you for it in the long run.

Sorry the words have been a bit brief for the last few days. Been a tad busy and seem to be doing this on the run. Must post daily, must post daily….

Black Christmas